A few days before KamFa Festival (April 17th of the Lunar Year) in 1981, Master Kwan Tak Hing (nicknamed modern Wong Fei Hung) was on a business trip in Japan. In a dream he was told by KamFa Goddess of the affinity between them. He was also instructed to bring more worshippers to the Temple as the local Peng Chau population was small. He was granted a wish to materialize whatever he wished for, and Master Kwan asked for good health. He was instructed to go personally to Peng Chau to pay Her respect first and that he would be received by the Head of the Temple. Prior to that Master Kwan had no idea that such a temple existed on Peng Chau.

At the same time of Master Kwan’s dream, the caretaker of the temple also had a dream revelation that night from KamFa Goddess, telling her that some devotees at Peng Chau were sincere but without the means to renovate the temple, while others had the means but not the heart. Hence she asked that Master Kwan should lead more devotees to Peng Chau to come to worship Her. She then instructed Madame KamLan to receive him personally. The next day the caretaker of the temple spread the message all over the place, but many would not believe her. On the day of KamFa Goddess Festival, Master Kwan effectively appeared with his disciples and paid their respect to KamFa Goddess, received by the caretaker of the temple in front of the temple. Just as told, from then on Master Kwan kept bringing devotees to the Peng Chau KamFa Temple every week. Strangely enough each time when he returned home from worshipping, he would get sick seriously. It went on for 2 months and Master Kwan told the caretaker of the temple about it. The latter immediately solicited advice from KamFa Goddess in a prayer. That night KamFa Goddess appeared to Master Kwan in a dream and told him that she had been testing him in the last 2 months to see if he was faithful to Her. She promised him that if he would continue his worship, he would not be sick anymore. Not only would his health be better than ever, his social acclaim would also prosper. Master Kwan eventually continued to come to worship Her on Peng Chau and his health dramatically improved. After some time he formerly acknowledged discipleship to the Goddess.

A few months later Master Kwan was awarded an MBE Medal of Honour by Her Majesty the Queen of England. In the following year (1982) on the day of KamFa Festival, Master Kwan and his good friend Mr. Luk Chi Fu along with many friends and disciples, led a golden dragon and more than 10 dancing lions to the Peng Chau KamFa Temple on a chartered boat. Since then it has become a tradition each year. In the same year Master Kwan initiated the benefaction to rebuild and expand KamFa Temple to show their gratitude. However KamFa Goddess revealed to the caretaker of the temple in a dream that the temple should not be expanded as the Goddess only wanted people who were sincere seekers to come to worship and not those attracted by the grandeur of the temple. Henceforth Master Kwan agreed to only rebuild the temple. Later on at every KamFa Festival on April 17th of the Lunar Year, Master Kwan would dance his dragon and lions to Peng Chau to celebrate, despite weather conditions. And every year during Master Kwan’s birthday, his disciples would celebrate with feasts and also at the same time set up an altar in the restaurant to worship KamFa Goddess. As instructed by the Master they were first to pay respect to the Goddess before wishing him happy birthday. He was such a master who followed the tradition of discipleship. He would donate all that he received to benefaction. The devotion is such that each time Master Kwan would consult KamFa Goddess whenever an important decision was to be made.

Master Kwan Tak Hing as The Guardian General

In the later part of 1995 Master Kwan went to Peng Chau to say goodbye to the Goddess before his departure for vacation in the US. The Goddess asked him if She could bestow on him the responsibility to help deliver all beings. Master Kwan accepted immediately. In the following year – 1996 – the following day after Master Kwan left his earthly body and ascended to heaven The Goddess made a revelation to the caretaker of the temple and other followers in a dream that Master Kwan was formerly a celestial fairy. Since he had been generous in benefaction in this earthly life, respectful to his masters, and was particularly caring to the elderly, he had accumulated a wealth of benevolent deeds and could thus return to his heavenly throne. He would be bestowed the title of Guardian General by the Goddess to help her deliver all souls. 103 days after his ascension (August 27th of the Lunar Year) led by his son Mr. Kwan Hon Chuen, his friends and disciples in the amidst of the sounds of dancing dragon and lions, they brought Master Kwan’s custom-made statue to Peng Chau. The occasion to formerly receive the statue to KamFa Temple was presided by the caretaker of the temple, along with then Legislative Councilor/President of Peng Chau Rural Committee Mr. Lam Wai Keung SBS, BBS, JP, other local officials and village gentry. The statue was placed on the left of KamFa Goddess for worship by all devotees. Master Kwan became KamFa Goddess’s Guardian General to protect the country and the people’s livelihood, to let their wishes be fulfilled, and to offer harmony to the young and old.