August 27th, 1997 of the Lunar Year was the day when Guardian General Kwan Tak Hing was enlightened. Since then, every August 27th of the Lunar Year, Mr. Kwan Hon Chuen, along with Master Luk Chong Mao and his son Mr. Luk Kuen Shing, Master Cheung Kwok Wah and his daughter Ms. Cheung Yuet Yi and brothers and friends, would come with dancing lions to Peng Chau KamFa Temple to celebrate. One day prior to the festival (August 26th of the Lunar Year), rituals are performed in the form of offerings and burning of paper objects in front of the temple. The aim is to first appease spirits and gods of the underworld to ensure the well-being of all. At 10 am, lead wishes are offered in the form of a golden dragon dance, unicorn dancers along with more than 10 dancing lions lead by Mr. Kwan Hon Chuen, Master Luk Chong Mao, Master Cheung Kwok Wah and fellow brothers and friends. The occasion is also joined by more than a hundred respected elderly invited from Hong Kong where all expenses are paid by the temple. The caretaker of the temple and devotees would distribute well-being rice packs and gifts to hundreds of respected Peng Chau and Hong Kong elderly citizens. In the evening Kam Fa Temple will also host a lively dinner and Ms. Yip Kam Lan will auction off well-wishing objects to the highest bidder, each well-wishing objects includes different auspicious words.