KamFa Goddess

The Goddess KamFa is one of the great Gods in heaven, among which are the all merciful Avalokitesvara (Kunyum) and Tin Hau Yuen Gwen, the great guardian to all people and land. According to legend KamFa Goddess was the daughter of a martial arts teaching official in the Tang Dynasty. She was gifted with high intellect, integrity and loyalty. She secretly learned Kung-Fu from her father at a very young age. Achieving the essence of art forms, she adapted in both martial arts and literature. At the time corruption was rampant, people subdued to harsh lives. KamFa Goddess made use of her martial arts skills and often went alone robbing the rich to give to the poor. People praised her deeply for these deeds. One day she was chased by government officials that forced her to hide in a cave in the mountain. Not knowing her whereabouts, her father went searching for her everywhere with those whom she had helped. They finally found the cave entrance but not a trace of the beloved daughter in the cave. All they could see was a human fossil. People immediately knelt down and prayed naming, her “Goddess of Saviour of the World”.

Later about 500 years ago (Year 1500), a fisherman from Peng Chau (currently known as Peng Chau) was fishing in the surrounding waters. He scooped up a piece of drift wood in the shape of a human form on which the words “KamFa Ma” were inscribed. He then placed this piece of wood at the front of his boat. From then on, each time he went fishing, he ended up with more fish than the other fishermen. Even when others caught nothing, he would still come back in abundance. Later on the fisherman told the story to other fishermen who believed that “KamFa Ma” would equally help them. So they put the words “KamFa Ma” on a piece of red paper and stuck it onto the front of the boat just like the fisherman did. Eventually they all got abundant catch each time and everything else also went extremely well. The story spread around, drawing devotees from many places. In time they built a modest KamFa shrine at Peng Chau to worship KamFa Goddess. This tradition goes on until nowadays.

In the KinLung year 27 of the Qing Dynasty (Year 1762), a herbalist named Lai Kwok Man searched in vain for a remedy to cure his wife who had been ill for a long time. Once during his search he came around the coast of Peng Chau and found this rather modest shrine for KamFa Goddess. He knelt down and prayed to the Goddess and asked for blessing to cure his wife. Shortly after his return, his wife miraculously recovered. To thank the Goddess’ benediction, Lai later returned to Peng Chau and built a proper KamFa Temple.

Over time KamFa Temple became dilapidated. In 1978, funds were gathered for rebuilding the temple. The renovation work then started.